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Welcome to the first edition of Your powergrid bulletin, our regular e-bulletin for everyone who has an interest in how we deliver power in the Northeast, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Whether you’re from a community or special interest group, local or central government, an energy supplier, a local business, an investor or one of the many other people who are interested in what we do; through this bulletin we aim to keep you informed about our progress, plans and the issues you are interested in.

Hearing and responding to your views about our business is essential and we hope you will use this e-bulletin and the Your powergrid interactive website to do just that.

Your powergrid – our emerging thinking for 2015 and beyond



We are currently preparing our business plan for 2015 and beyond and we know that listening to you is essential to the development of that plan. During the past year, we’ve been discussing our ideas with as many people as possible who have a stake in what we do and have already responded to feedback on the services we currently provide by making improvements across a number of areas.

We’re now in a position to share the key aspects of the document with you and get to hear more of your views as we finalise our thinking between now and next Spring. To make it as easy as possible to engage with us and influence that thinking, we’ve created an online community and an interactive website where you can share your opinions and communicate with other interested people. We have divided our business into a number of separate areas so you can choose to give feedback on the issues that interest you the most or you can simply tell us what you think about our business as a whole.


Delivering service improvements

Our priority is giving a high level of service from start to finish.   You’ve told us where we’re doing well and where we need to focus improvements. Find out more about our plans and let us know if they meet your needs.

Keeping the lights onEnsuring the power is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week is fundamental to what we do.  Some customers experience more frequent or longer power cuts than others and we plan to do more to improve availability for all.  Let us know if our plans are on the right track.
Running a safe operationWe’re proud of our safety record and we are continually looking to improve our safety performance.  The major issue for us now is metal theft which continues to cause disruption and damage in our community.  Find out more and let us know your views on our plans to address this.
Getting connectedDelivering excellent services to our customers for all types of connections to our network is a priority in our plan.  Power generation is changing as the demand for energy from local renewable sources grows and we can play our part by ensuring the connection process is efficient, accessible and simple. Let us know what you think of our plans and what we can improve to help you get connected.
Protecting the environmentWe are committed to protecting and respecting the environment through improving our street works, replacing overhead power lines to improve the landscape, phasing out oil-filled cables and considering ways to cut our carbon footprint.   Let us know if these are the right priorities and what you think of our plans.
Supporting the wider social agendaDistributing energy puts us at the heart of the community. We’ll make sure there’s support available for those who need it, whether it’s during extended power cuts in the short term or finding long-term solutions for the fuel poor and those not on the gas grid. Let us know if this is the right focus and your thoughts on our role inaddressing emerging social issues.
Investing in a smarter powergridTechnology is developing rapidly in the world of energy and alongside our essential investments in maintaining infrastructure and keeping costs down, we’re balancing our investments  to ensure that when it comes to providing a low carbon and smarter powergrid we can respond to the demands of customers and give them the information and overall service they require.  Have we got the balance right?
Making it happenTo deliver our plans we require: skilled employees and contractors; financing through services we deliver and investors; and we need to work within the performance incentives set by our regulator. Do you agree with our supporting plans to deliver the business?
Our expenditure plansOverall, our current view is that the average annual costs of investing in the ‘standard’ activities such as renewing assets and increasing capacity will fall in real terms in the next regulatory period. The most uncertain aspect of our business plan is the low-carbon-related expenditure that we believe could add a further 10% to our total price-controlled costs. Let us know what you think of how we’re planning our expenditure.
Let us know how we’re doing »This e-bulletin and the newinteractive site are just a couple of ways we are making it as easy as possible for our stakeholders to engage with us. We have developed a short survey to understand how we are performing currently and hope you can spend five minutes providing us with your thoughts

In an emergency call us 24 hours a day on:
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