Project Report – Cct. 11kV OHL rebuild Mill Field to Fat Rabbit Field

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Sandhill Lane CMN 64605 Wilberfoss Mill Fields Cct. 11kV OHL rebuild Mill Field to Fat Rabbit Field.
Scheme Note – YP03263
Overhead line rebuild under WP12/03 on the Wilberfoss Millfield 11kV feeder out of Sandhill Lane primary, CMN 64605. the section considered in this scheme is between Wilberfoss Millfield S/S 10654, Fat Rabbit Field S/S and Spittal S/S 10287 LSis. This section of 11kV overhead line has recently had a number of intermitted 11kV fault which has raised a number of customers complaints raising the area covered by the feeder onto the Hot spot reporter register. The rebuilding of the overhead line has been identified to be included in the 2007 budget. A separate scheme YP03905 has been raised to install additional remote control automated PMARs to allow improved sectionalising during fault conditions to restore supplies.
The scheme proposes rebuilding the main line sections with 100 al and rebuilding the spur line sections with 50 AL as required.
The existing 50AL 11kV overhead line at Wilberfoss sports P/E 7408 passes over a sports field / play area. This section is to be rebuilt using covered conductor to improve site safety.
The existing automated remote control GVR (PMAR) at Wilberfoss Main Street S/S 11208 is to be repositioned to pole L72/11 and new 11kV Cat 1 LSis are to be installed on the adjacent pole L72/12.
A tree problem exists adjacent to Full Sutton Sack S/S 7488 near the 11kV overhead line. It is proposed to connect an existing 11kV cable to the network to allow the recovery of the existing 11Kv overhead line between L4026/1 and L4026/4.
Fit TSGs at location shown on diagram.
Replace existing porcelain surge arrestors with new type polymeric surge arrestors at location on diagram.
Install new polymeric surge arrestors at location shown on the diagram.
Existing transformers with a capacity of 15Kva or below are to be changed to 25Kva.
This scheme covers the financial and network design authorisation only. Work Programme Design has issued Wayleave Requests and any Wayleave Release will be sent direct to the construction department. No works are to commence until Wayleave are in place.
The location sites for all of the works are shown on the attached plans, 11kV System Diagram
And 11Kv geographic System Maps.


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