Project Report – Cct 11kV OHL Rebuild Wold Dyke Field to Horsewold Farm (Phase 2)

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Kirkburn Pmy Bainton Roundabout Cct 11kV OHL Rebuild Wold Dyke Field to Horsewold Farm (Phase 2)
Scheme Note – YP07161
The scheme has been raised to complete the site work started on WP12/03 -11kV overhead line rebuild YP02546 carried out by the Overhead rebuild contractors. The original scheme was authorised in May 2005 with part of the on site work carried out in mid 2006. The original route of the 11kV circuit route overhead line was changed to provide a new route. This change for the overhead line construction work on site required an application for planning and ministry approval to allow the line to be erected along the new route. Also additional 11kV cable was laid to complete the 11kV circuit route.
The originals scheme YP02546 was authorised for 2.5km of rebuild with a value of £63.225. This scheme is now closed and complete with the work on site incomplete with an expenditure on CFS No. C045665 of £98,723.51.
The land owners are now requesting that the remaining work on site to be completed.
This scheme has been raised to complete the remaining work on site on work programme 12/03 – 11kV overhead line rebuild (on route) with the expenditure in 2008 budget.
The remaining work on site is to
1)    rebuild 750m of 11kV overhead line on existing route,
2)    construct 1300m of new route 11kV overhead line and recover 1440m of 11kV overhead line,
3)    reposition existing pole mounted transformers and
4)    Install 160 m of new 185AL 11kV cable and connect all new cables.
Construction are to investigate the existing motor starting currents at the following farm due to the repositioning of the pole mounted transformers and laying new LV cables.
1)    Wold Dyke Farm P/E 1614 – at new position with the a 200kVA transformer the maximum 3%VD starting currents = 106A
If the current exceed this figure then a 315 KVA pole mounted transformer is required to restore the starting currents to existing levels.
No Dismantled Asset form has been completed as the dismantled assets will have already been written off on the original scheme. Wayleaves, planning and ministry approval have already been completed for the work to progress.
The location sites for all of the works are shown on the attached plans, 11kV System Diagram and Geographic System Maps.


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