Project Report – Raising Transformers

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Scheme Title:
Wetherby, Bramham, Bowcliffe Hall 5166 P/E – ESQCR (Raise Transformer)
Scheme Description:
An inspection of the Bowcliffe Hall 5166 P/E revealed that there was a safety issue that contravened the current ESQCR regulations. The P/E is situated adjacent to the road side wall that could assist with climbing over the anti-climbing guards. It also reduces the safety clearance to the transformer Hv bushings should someone stand on the wall.
Bowcliffe Hall 5166 P/E is part of the Freeley Lane Spur teed off the Warren Lane Pry – Clifford Road, Bramham 7583 feeder. The P/E is fitted with solid links, the spur is protected with ASL’s and the feeder c/b is equipped with auto reclose protection at the primary substation. It is proposed to recover the hv fuse mounts and solid links at the P/E and then raise the transformer, lv fuses and anti-climbing guards to a position where adequate safe clearances from the wall top are achieved.
Additionally, as this spur has a total Tx capacity of 400kV, an opportunity will be taken of the outage to improve network performance and CML’s on the feeder by installing a set of IROF line section isolators on the spur. They will be fitted between the tee off position and the ASL’s. This will allow the spur to be isolated and ASL’s replaced without having to shut the whole feeder down. The fuse mounts and solid links at Bowcliffe Farm 3143 P/E will also be recovered. A pole change to accommodate the IROF isolators will be required.
A Generation Cost/Benefit analysis shows that the hire of generators is not cost effective and therefore cannot be justified.


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