The Flexible Working Solution to Your Special Read Requirements
Exp Metering have partnered with some of the UK’s largest utility service companies for many years in delivering high levels of meter reading performance.  Our experience has shown us that typically most companies achieve good results when undertaking scheduled/cyclical reads. Many however experience difficulties when attempting the more difficult to access special/must reads; understandably so when businesses have their hands tied by inherited terms and conditions.
At Exp we have a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to this dilemma, regularly achieving access rates of 70% and above on special reads at less than 80p per read.  Our offer to you includes resources able to work unlimited flexible shift patterns 7 days per week, on a pay only for performance basis.

Our unique flexible shift model allows for fully trained and experienced meter reading staff to be deployed from as little as two weeks anywhere in the UK, to take on special read projects to gain a reading from those difficult to access properties. Our top performing rapid response teams are available to help you right now. The flexibility in work patterns our teams provide guarantees the problem to be resolved with speed and by taking advantage of our pay only for performance model you gain from the high focus on productivity it offers.
If you anticipate workload increasing in the coming weeks due to special reads or just volume of work act now and see how we can work with you to craft a painless and effective solution. We understand that you wish to excel at scheduled reads, so let’s work together so that you can benefit from our area of excellence; flexibility on specials.